Booklify Features

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This can be employees, rooms whatever you need it to be, you can customize the wording to call this whatever you want.


Your services are what you sell to your customers. You can even limit a particular service to only be delivered by a particular employee.

Flexible Schedules

Every business is different, set specific opening times, add padding time before and after booking even lunch hours.

Booking Approvals

By default Booklify offers automated booking approvals this can be changed and set to manual approvals.

Cancellation Policy

Set the time within which clients can cancel appointments to minimize no-shows.

Available Bookings

Only display available times to your customers, manage your time and day better.

Email Notifications

Appointment Reminders

By default Booklify sends email reminders to your clients before their appointment with relevant service details.

Booking Confirmations

When your client books an appointment they receive a confirmation email with all the relevant information about the booking.

Cancellation Notifications

By default if a client cancels the system will automatically send you a cancellation notification via email and if you need to cancel, your client will also be notified.

Rescheduling Notifications

If you need to reschedule an appointment, your client will automatically be notified.


Facebook Integration

Let people book from your Facebook page using the Call to Action button.

Personalized Booking Website

Get your own booking website, just for your business! This website can be your main and even only website. 

User Accounts

You can use the Client Login feature to allow only clients with login information to book your services.

Booking Form

Build the booking form you need to get the correct information from clients upon booking

Online Payments

With leading online payment processors, you can offer your clients to book your services online.

Google Calendar Sync

Keep your google calendar and Staff calendar in perfect sync, access your bookings easily on the go.